Oracle Messages

Message – October 17th, 2018

There is no option, but to open.

Forward is the only way, onward. Onward, toward home in the place of absence, in the place of emptiness, and in the place of unfamiliarity. It is not possible to turn back when there is a shift of everything, entirely. There is no bridge – there is not even a river. The old world is simply no longer a reality.

And so, turn, turn your heads. Turn your heads towards the goal, the beacon, a new light, that which calls your heart. That which you know is home, home even though it is unfamiliar. Home, because it fits, and not because necessarily because you made it, but because it is of your origin, of your cloth.

Onward, toward nature – your own nature, and the nature of All. Onward, toward the center of Home. Find that in the world, and be as you are meant to be.